Germany’s Die Welt exposes Polisario-Iran nexus

Germany’s Die Welt exposes Polisario-Iran nexus

German newspaper said it had access to a conversation between a Polisario and an Iranian agent proving the nexus between the two countries.

In a detailed article, the newspaper said it had consulted intelligence documents showing the intent of Iran to empower its proxies to carry out attacks against Israel in the Middle East and Morocco in North Africa.

The documents exposed Polisario leader based in Syria Mustafa Muhammad Lemine Al-Kitab urging a Hezbollah leader and Iranian agent to offer more support to the Algeria-based separatist militias to carry out attacks against Morocco.

In a phone conversation with an Iranian agent on October 23, Lemine Al Kitab said the Polisario would join ranks with other Iranian proxies in the Middle east to sow instability, according to Die Welt.

Last year, the same newspaper unveiled the involvement of Polisario members in facilitating transfers to Hezbollah activists in Africa, in full connivance of Algiers.

Morocco had cut ties with Iran in 2018, accusing it of backing the Polisario through its embassy in Algiers and of sponsoring training by Hezbollah for Polisario fighters in Tindouf camps.

Morocco had been warning of the growing links between the Polisario and Iran on the one hand, and the Polisario and other terrorist groups on the other hand.

Earlier this month, an attack hit a residential area in Es-Smara in southern Morocco killing one and injuring three.

Moroccan representative to the UN Omar Hilale said that the “terrorist attack” bore the hallmarks of the Polisario and that Morocco would respond once it finishes its judicial probe into that targeting of civilians.

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