Residents of several Saharan cities took to the streets to condemn Polisario’s terrorist attack on Smara

Residents of several Saharan cities took to the streets to condemn Polisario’s terrorist attack on Smara

Tens of thousands of people staged on Sunday Nov.5 demonstrations in several Sahara cities, including Laayoune, Dakhla, and Smara to denounce the terrorist acts of the Polisario against the city of Smara, the spiritual capital of the Moroccan Sahara.

On the eve of the celebrations of the Green March 48th anniversary, tens of thousands of residents of Laayoune, Dakhla, and Smara protested against the Polisario’s terrorist attacks.

Old and young, women and men, representatives of Sahrawi tribes, notables, elected representatives, and members of civil society associations and political parties in addition to ordinary citizens joined their voices to condemn the cowardly and terrorist act against residential areas that cost the life of a young man and left three injured, two of whom are still in critical condition.

The protesters, waving national flags, renewed their commitment to the homeland and their refusal of any act that could harm Morocco, its security, and territorial integrity.

Authorities have launched investigation into the projectile shootings, and the attack was immediately reported to MINURSO, which is preparing a report on the attack for the UN Security Council.
This investigation includes technical and ballistic analyses to determine the exact nature and origin of the projectiles launched against civilian populations in Smara on the night of Saturday, October 29 to Sunday 30.

“An act of war”

The well-informed FAR-Maroc forum revealed on its website, referring to reliable information, that the projectiles found in the targeted sites seem to be modernized versions of Soviet-made rockets known as Katioucha or Grad. These are the same ones used by the armed separatist militias of the Polisario in their “war” against Morocco, a “war” described by the UN Secretary-General in his latest report on the Sahra to the Security Council as “low-intensity hostilities.”

In other words, this “act of war,” perpetrated in the spiritual capital of the Sahara, clearly bears the signature of the Polisario’s mercenaries.

Morocco’s ambassador to the UN, Omar Hilale, had on his part stated in a press conference in New York that the Polisario are the clear suspects behind the attack.

Hilale pointed out that there has been a series of attacks targeting Smara and other cities close to the Royal Armed Forces defense wall, and insisted that there were no military installations in the area attacked, and the that the assailants purposefully targeted civilians.

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