Spanish far-left abandons Polisario after deal with socialists

Spanish far-left abandons Polisario after deal with socialists

Spanish socialist PSOE sealed a deal with the far-left Sumar coalition to end the political limbo in the country in a breakthrough agreement that includes abandoning support for the Polisario separatists.

Under the outgoing government led by Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez, Spain has backed Morocco’s autonomy plan in the Sahara territory as the “sole” political solution to the regional conflict.

The Sumar coalition, led by Yolanda Diaz, has previously campaigned in Polisario’s favor and asked Sanchez to backtrack from backing Morocco’s territorial integrity.

A representative of the Polisario separatists in Spain Abdellah Arabi voiced disappointment, criticizing Diaz for her volt-face in Morocco’s favor.

Spain has been in political limbo since July after an inconclusive national election failed to give any of the major parties a clear path to form a government.

The deal will give an edge to Pedro Sanchez after he was asked to form a government following the failure of the center-right Popular Party, which got the most votes in the election, to secure the support of a majority in parliament.

Sanchez, however, still needs to gain the backing of smaller regional parties, including the Catalan separatist Junts group and the Republican Left of Catalonia (ERC).

Sanchez has until November 27 to secure the backing of a majority of lawmakers. If he fails, Spain will hold new elections on January 14, 2024.

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