Spain: Mounting calls for resignation of pro-Polisario deputy for justifying Hamas attack in Israel

Spain: Mounting calls for resignation of pro-Polisario deputy for justifying Hamas attack in Israel

Parliamentarian Tesh Sidi of the Spanish Sumar Party, closely associated with the terrorist Polisario group, has justified the bombings and assassinations carried out by Hamas in Israel on Saturday, prompting calls for her resignation.

Tesh Sidi, a sympathizer of the pseudo “Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic” and a deputy of Sumar in the Spanish Congress, has justified the brutal attack launched by the terrorist group Hamas Saturday morning, killing over 200 and injuring more than 1000 in Israel, reported the news website Sahel Intelligence.

The deputy, born in Tindouf, a region in southwestern Algeria, spent the entire morning of Saturday sharing messages and tweets on social networks, defending the use of violence by the Hamas militia.

Tesh Sidi entered the Parliament after the elections of June 23. As she has emphasized in many interviews, her intention was to represent the voice of the Polisario within Spanish institutions, according to the website.

The Saturday attack, glorified by this deputy from Yolanda Díaz’s party, was of an unprecedented scale. 5,000 rockets and “more than a hundred” fighters infiltrated in Israel have caused chaos and bloodshed.

Yoav Gallant, the Defense Minister, described the Hamas offensive as a “serious mistake” and has already called up Israeli army reservists.

Numerous Spanish political, media, and cultural figures have strongly criticized the deputy’s tweet, which glorifies Hamas attacks against Israel. Some have even demanded her resignation from the Spanish Congress due to her antisemitism.

In Another development, a military advisor to the Supreme Leader of Iran, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, also praised the offensive. “We support this proud ‘Al-Aqsa deluge’ operation, and we are sure that the resistance front (anti-Israel groups close to Iran) also supports it,” General Yahya Rahim-Safavi of the Revolutionary Guards, was quoted by ISNA agency as saying.

For the past decade, several experts and analysts have consistently warned about dark alliances between Lebanese Hezbollah, Hamas, the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, and the Polisario, an Algeria-backed terrorist and criminal organization.

The Polisario acts as a connection between various terrorist groups involved in terrorism in the Sahel, Africa, and certain Middle Eastern regions such as Israel and Syria.


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