Morocco’s King thanks heads of state who sent earthquake rescue teams

Morocco’s King thanks heads of state who sent earthquake rescue teams

King Mohammed VI thanked the heads of state of the UAE, Qatar, Spain, and the UK for the contribution of their rescue teams in the relief efforts after the earthquake.

Morocco accepted aid from the four countries following a 7- magnitude earthquake that left around 3000 deaths and destroyed whole villages in the High Atlas Mountains.

The sovereign thanked King Felipe VI and the acting president of the Spanish government Pedro Sanchez in two separate messages for the participation of their country in the rescue effort.

“This fraternal initiative on the part of your country will remain forever anchored in the history of the friendship and excellent relations of cooperation and neighborliness that unite the Kingdoms of Morocco and Spain,” said the king in a message to King Felipe VI.

In his message to the Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani, the king said “what consoles and comforts us in this painful circumstance is the outpouring of sincere solidarity towards Morocco from brotherly and friendly countries, including the State of Qatar, as usual.”

Likewise, the King thanked Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan “for his noble humanitarian and generous initiative to mobilize an Emirati rescue team, which provided strong support to its Moroccan brothers and illustrated the strength of the ties of constant affection and sincere brotherhood uniting the two brotherly peoples.”

The King also thanked the UK in a message to King Charles III saying “I should like Your Majesty to know how touched I am by your kind, comforting words. I also deeply appreciate the active solidarity and humanitarian initiative taken by the Government of the United Kingdom to mobilize a UK ISAR team to assist their Moroccan counterparts in search and rescue operations in the affected areas, a mission they discharged with great diligence and a keen sense of professionalism.”

In a similar message to the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Mr. Rishi Sunak, the Sovereign pointed out that “the UK ISAR team’s contribution is testimony to the enduring friendship, fruitful cooperation and active solidarity between our countries and our peoples, who share a firm belief in, and a commitment to, the universal values of solidarity, empathy and mutual assistance.”

The Sovereign had earlier sent messages of thanks and gratitude to the heads of the four rescue teams that participated in the assistance effort.

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