Algeria: International community decries human rights oppression & persecution of militants

Algeria: International community decries human rights oppression & persecution of militants

The Algerian people continue to suffer from the growing suppression of freedom of expression, association, and peaceful Assembly, forcing political opponents to flee abroad, while thousands pro-democracy protesters have been jailed by the military regime which has managed so far to weaken the popular Hirak movement.

Fourteen human rights organizations, in addition to Human Rights Watch, have denounced the restrictions imposed by the Algerian authorities on freedoms, calling on the Algerian military regime to stop the violation of basic human rights, respect the universal civil & political rights and allow independent NGOs to operate in the country without harassment.

In reports submitted to the UN Special Rapporteur on freedom of peaceful assembly and association, Clément Nyaletsossi Voule, who is visiting Algeria from 16 to 26 September, the human rights organizations said the Algerian authorities have dismantled the country’s independent civil society and hindered political pluralism based on restrictive laws on associations, political parties, and unions.

The Algerian regime has also suspended or dissolved independent civil society organizations, political opposition parties, and media outlets, and unjustly imprisoned human rights defenders, activists, and journalists.

The UN Special Rapporteur can exert pressure on the Algerian authorities to stop cracking down on civil society and make reforms to allow Algerians exercise their right to free expression.

His current visit to Algeria comes after several years of refusal and procrastination by the ruling junta. During his visit, Mr. Voule will assess Algeria’s compliance with the rights to freedom of peaceful assembly and of association, including the legal framework relating to these rights, and the challenges and opportunities for the protection of these rights.

The UN Special Rapporteur will focus on the ability of civil society organizations, trade unions and political parties to operate freely, as well as measures to protect the right of peaceful assembly.

Voule will meet Government officials, members of the legislature and the judiciary, monitoring bodies, and members of the UN country team, among others. He will also meet with civil society actors, journalists, academics, lawyers, trade unions, and political parties.


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