Morocco earthquake lifts land up 20cm- Japanese scientists

Morocco earthquake lifts land up 20cm- Japanese scientists

The 7-magnitude earthquake that struck Morocco on September 8 lifted land around the epicenter up 20 centimetres, according to Japanese scientists.

Deformation of land was confirmed in an area about 50 kilometres east and west and 100 kilometres north and south of the epicentre, the Geospatial Information Authority of Japan said.

Its analysis of the September 8 quake in Morocco’s high Atlas mountains was based on data from the earth observation satellite DAICHI-2.

Across the high Atlas many springs sprouted after the tremor while other sources that have dried up long ago saw water pouring again.

Morocco’s geophysical centre has warned that aftershocks are still ongoing near the epicentre, asking citizens to be cautious.

Last Thursday, a 4.8 magnitude aftershock was felt in the High Atlas up to Marrakech city.

The 8 sept. earthquake left 3000 people dead and destroyed at least 50,000 homes, notably in the provinces of Al Haouz, Taroudant and Chichaoua.

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