Morocco denies reports of Macron’s upcoming visit

Morocco denies reports of Macron’s upcoming visit

Morocco denied that French President will pay a visit to the country after French foreign minister Carherine Colonna spread the fake news in an interview.

President Macron’s visit “is neither on the agenda nor it is programmed,” an official source told Morocco’s news agency MAP.

Colonna has told French media during her visit to Cairo that Macron will visit Morocco.

That was a unilateral announcement on an important event without any consultation with Morocco, the source told MAP.

In the afterwake of the earthquake French media and officials indulged in spreading cliches and stereotypes after Morocco rejected French aid.

Morocco took aid from the UK, Spain, the UAE and Qatar as it was better placed to assess what it needed.

Macron and his administrations accumulated hostile gestures towards Morocco. At the expense of undermining once solid ties with Morocco, Macron sought closer ties with Algeria making concessions that emboldened the ruthless military regime, yet without achieving any diplomatic gain.

French former diplomats and critical media have said that Macron worsened ties with Morocco without improving ties with the military regime in Algiers where hostility to Paris is a doctrine.

France was also directly accused as the main instigator of an anti-Morocco campaign within the European parliament.

As Madrid, Washington and other western powers such as Berlin make their stand clear in favor of Morocco’s territorial integrity and autonomy plan for the Sahara, Paris lags behind stumbling in diplomatic fanfare that only worsens once exceptional ties with Rabat.


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