Morocco’s earthquake orphaned children become adoptees of the nation

Morocco’s earthquake orphaned children become adoptees of the nation

As rescue and relief efforts continue unabated in the earthquake-hit areas, King Mohammed VI ordered that children who lost their parents to be given status of adoptees of the nation, in a gesture of national solidarity.

The earthquake that struck a week ago was the deadliest since 1960 killing nearly 3000 people, destroying villages in the High Atlas mountains and leaving many orphaned children.

As part of a series of measures ordered by the King in response to this disaster, taking care of orphaned children was given “utmost priority,” said a statement of the Royal palace.

Under Moroccan legislation, adoptees of a nation are offered education, healthcare and support until they finish their studies in addition to priority in civil service employment.

This status is given to children whose parents died or were disabled while defending Morocco’s territorial integrity or while contributing to peacekeeping and other national lofty missions.

Since the earthquake struck, the King has ordered a swift response to rescue people in affected areas and ensure they have aid. He also visited a university hospital in Marrakech where he offered support to the injured including a blood donation.

The King also gave instructions to set up a special fund in response to the disaster and urged swift reconstruction as well as financial aid to affected households.

So far 50,000 homes are known to be damaged in the High Atlas and the state will offer 140,000 dirhams for the reconstruction of each demolished home and 80,000 for partly damaged houses.

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