Morocco/Earthquake: UNICEF voices readiness to support affected children & families

Morocco/Earthquake: UNICEF voices readiness to support affected children & families

UN Children’s agency has voiced readiness to further support Moroccan children and families affected by the powerful quake that hit last Friday the North African Kingdom, killing over 2,900 people, according to an updated death toll.

UNICEF said it would work in close coordination with Moroccan authorities and UN partners to provide critical supplies and services to children, who are always the most vulnerable in any emergency situation and need urgent assistance.

In the long term, the children and families affected by the devastating quake will need shelter, safe drinking water, health and medical help, and food and nutrition support, said the UN agency.

Child protection services including psychosocial support will be critical in helping children and parents process their distressing experiences, underlined UNICEF, affirming that getting children back into school is also critical for their long-term recovery.

The Moroccan first-responders, rescuers, military emergency workers and volunteers are working non-stop with some foreign teams, mainly from Qatar, the UAE, Spain and the UK, to find survivors and bodies.

The Royal Armed Forces have deployed importance human and logistic resources, including Search & Rescue teams, a field hospital. They mobilized, planes, helicopters, drones, military engineers and logistic units to provide the necessary assistance to the victims of the 7-magnitude earthquake, the deadliest in Morocco since a 1960 earthquake that destroyed Agadir.

Though the Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity spearheads the collection and distribution of relief to the quake victims, Moroccans from all walks of life, including those of the diaspora, are sending food, blankets, tents, clothes… to the survivors in an impressive show of solidarity, unity and strength under the leadership of King Mohammed VI.

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