Earthquake: Morocco’s efficient approach, exemplary coordination in responding to the disaster & to relief offers

Earthquake: Morocco’s efficient approach, exemplary coordination in responding to the disaster & to relief offers

Following the unprecedented earthquake that shook Morocco last Friday Sept.8, the Kingdom’s authorities, under the directives of King Mohammed VI, adopted an efficient approach and exemplary coordination in responding to the disaster and to the relief offers proposed b scores of sisterly and friendly countries

Actually, as the extent of the damage caused by the tremor was unveiled, several brotherly and friendly countries expressed their solidarity and pooled their resources to support the Kingdom in these times of tragedy, extending a helping hand with the motto: solidarity and humanity.

During a working session held on Saturday, September 9, to assess the situation King Mohammed VI voiced “the sincere thanks of the kingdom of Morocco to all brotherly and friendly countries that expressed their solidarity with the Moroccan people on this situation, and many of which expressed their readiness to provide aid in these special circumstances.”

In these moments of deep distress, where nature has demonstrated its devastating force, Morocco wasted no time in responding to the tragedy, implementing a strategy in line with international standards to manage this unprecedented crisis. The crucial initial steps were rapidly put in place, enabling effective coordination among the various stakeholders on the ground.

Responding promptly to these critical moments, Moroccan authorities initiated a series of measures calibrated according to the ongoing situation and specific needs on the ground to ensure controlled crisis management. This proactive strategy led to a responsive and efficient response, emphasizing rigorous organization and harmonious coordination of relief efforts.

In the face of the unique geographical challenges posed by the disaster-stricken area, Moroccan authorities first carried out preliminary road clearance operations to ensure the successful delivery of aid. The key objective was to ensure that any international assistance that would come into play would be well-organized and articulated to prevent confusion. The best assistance is certainly not massive but rather useful, effective, and well-coordinated.

In this context, Morocco integrated offers of assistance from Spain, Qatar, the United Kingdom, and the United Arab Emirates. This assistance was exclusively focused on search and rescue operations for victims through specialized and autonomous teams. These units, dispatched as reinforcements, closely cooperate with local teams, pooling their efforts to address any specific needs.

The Interior Ministry said in a statement released Sunday that Morocco is responding to relief offers made by friendly countries, based on field needs that were identified after careful assessment abiding by international standards.

Given that any lack or poor coordination can backfire in such critical circumstances, the ministry explained that search and rescue teams from Spain, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates and the UK were invited to help with relief efforts. The foreign groups arrived at the scene Sunday and started their deployment in coordination with Moroccan counterparts.

As the intervention operations progress, the assessment of possible needs may evolve into other phases that could involve seeking support for specific requirements.

The global outpouring of solidarity towards Morocco is a token of the respect and consideration the Kingdom enjoys on the international stage, largely due to the humanitarian and solidarity principles advocated by King Mohammed VI. In this moment of deep sorrow, the world stands alongside the Kingdom, once again proving that fraternity and humanity prevail in times of crisis.

According to the latest updates, the massive quake claimed 2,497 lives, in addition to 2,476 injured.


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