Climate Technologies: U.S. Dalrada Corp. sets up subsidiary in Morocco

Climate Technologies: U.S. Dalrada Corp. sets up subsidiary in Morocco

U.S. Dalrada Financial Corporation, a leader in climate technology, clean energy, and precision manufacturing, has announced the setting up of a subsidiary in the Moroccan city of Fez.

The new entity will focus on providing installation and ongoing support services for Dalrada’s range of high-efficiency commercial heat pumps to countries within the MENA region

Dalrada Technologies Morocco will also serve as an operational and training hub, while increasing the possibility of creating a building and manufacturing center for Dalrada heat pumps in Morocco.

The Moroccan subsidiary comes at a time of rapid global expansion and advancement of the company’s clean energy and climate technologies for improved sustainability on the path toward worldwide Net Zero goals.

“Our presence in Morocco will provide us with a tremendous opportunity to expand our dedicated climate services to a much larger geographic area,” according to Brian Bonar, Dalrada CEO and Founder.

“By establishing Dalrada Technologies Morocco, we’re able to deliver advanced carbon-reducing technology and support to new areas that really need it,” he added, noting the subsidiary will help accelerate Dalrada’s continued global efforts in offering leading-edge climate technology products and services that optimize the energy resources of its clients while minimizing environmental impact and reducing energy costs.

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