Sahara: BRICS’ backing to Morocco’s position deals fatal blow to Algeria – Spanish Magazine

Sahara: BRICS’ backing to Morocco’s position deals fatal blow to Algeria – Spanish Magazine

The BRICS leaders, who met in Johannesburg, provided a significant boost to Morocco’s stance on the Sahara issue by supporting it and affirming their dedication to international law. This move dealt a fatal blow to Algeria and the polisario, commented Spanish news outlet Atalayar.

“The BRICS meeting’s declaration unequivocally supports the Moroccan stance,” advocating the United Nations’ exclusive leadership in the process while emphasizing the importance of respecting and actively contributing to this process, says the magazine specializing in Maghreb and Arab affairs.

The countries in this grouping emphasized that resolving the Moroccan Sahara issue and finding a sustainable political solution require adherence to the Security Council’s resolutions and parameters, the Spanish outlet says.

The international community, including the United Nations, African countries, and global actors, favor the Moroccan autonomy initiative because it aligns with the pragmatism, realism, compromise, and sustainability required by the Security Council, it noted further.

“The BRICS members rejected attempts to include this issue in discussions and did not mention it in their statements,” showing thus that these countries refused to use BRICS for lost causes.

The magazine argues that this failure should serve as a warning to those persisting in giving global resonance to isolated thinking.

“This position taken by the BRICS also showcases the group’s commitment to its relationships and strategic partnerships with the Kingdom, despite external interference,” observes the Spanish publication.

In the Johannesburg Declaration II they adopted at their meeting on August 23, the leaders of the BRICS countries reaffirmed their commitment to multilateralism, in line with the principles of the United Nations Charter, which defends territorial integrity, non-interference in the affairs of States and the peaceful settlement of disputes.

The Declaration underlined the importance of reaching a solution to the Moroccan Sahara issue, in accordance with the Resolutions and parameters of the Security Council, aimed at achieving a lasting political solution to this artificial conflict. It undeniably confirms the prevalence of the Moroccan position, which has consistently insisted on the need to respect and support this process conducted exclusively under UN auspices.

Disavowed by the BRICS in its abortive attempt to harm the Kingdom’s interests, Algeria (and its separatist puppet) finds itself, once again, against an international legality that it constantly seeks to transgress. Algiers’ gesticulations ended, for the umpteenth time and much to the despair of their instigators, with a clear and unambiguous call for respect, explicitly reiterated by the BRICS, for the political process conducted under the exclusive aegis of the United Nations Security Council.


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