Morocco quadruples avocado exports to Germany

Morocco quadruples avocado exports to Germany

Morocco has quadrupled its avocado sales to Germany in six years with 5000 tons worth $17 million this past season, specialized media reported.

Globally, Morocco became the world’s 9th largest exporter of avocados among a rising demand for fruit.

In Germany, Morocco faces competition from Mexico, Spain and the Netherlands. Overall, Morocco exported 45,000 tons of avocados worth $139 million up to May 2023.

In 2017, Germany was the 7th largest importer of avocados globally and then ranked 5th in 2022. Surprisingly, Mexico, the global leader in avocado exports, has been constantly decreasing exports to Germany. In the MY 2022/23, the Mexican avocado exports to Germany fell to zero.

Avocado farming is often criticized due to the water stress context suffered by Morocco where voices are rising to ban water-intensive and export-oriented corps.

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