Morocco’s King calls for seriousness to forge-ahead at all levels

Morocco’s King calls for seriousness to forge-ahead at all levels

King Mohammed VI highlighted the need to commit to seriousness to materialize Morocco’s large-scale development and economic progress plans as well as to rise to challenges.

Drawing on the memorable run of Morocco’s national team during the World Cup, the King highlighted in the Throne Day speech he delivered Saturday evening the impact of patriotism as a driver of success.

“Our sons provided some of the best illustrations of patriotism and unity, as well as family and community cohesion. They made me and the entire Moroccan people proud,” said the King referring to the Moroccan national team led by Walid Regragui which was the first African team to make it to the World Cup semi-finals.

Morocco-Spain-Portugal joint bid

“That same spirit guided my decision to make a joint bid with our friends, Spain and Portugal, to host the 2030 World Cup Finals, which I hope will be an historic event at all levels,” said the Monarch.

The unprecedented candidacy will bring together two continents and will unite the two shores of the Mediterranean in line with a spirit of cooperation, interaction and understanding, he said.

The King also lauded the ingenuity of Moroccan youth citing as an example the manufacturing of the first Moroccan-made car as well as the development by a Moroccan of a hydrogen-powered car prototype.

“These projects attest to Moroccan genius and to the confidence in the energy and capabilities of our youth,” he said.

The King also commended the manifestations of seriousness in defending Morocco’s unity, citing the growing support for Morocco’s territorial integrity with Israel being the latest state to back the Kingdom’s sovereignty on its southern provinces.

The sovereign also recalled Morocco’s principle-led position in support of an independent Palestinian state with Al Quds as its capital.

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