Morocco expresses condolences to Algeria on wildfire deaths

Morocco expresses condolences to Algeria on wildfire deaths

Morocco, faithful to its values of Maghreb brotherliness and solidarity, expressed condolences to Algeria on the deaths left by wildfires, saying it follows with pain and regret the blazes across the country.

This came in a statement by Morocco’s foreign ministry which is in line of the country’s stand in favor of an integrated Maghreb.

“On this painful occasion, the Kingdom of Morocco expresses heartfelt condolences after the human losses due to the fires and wishes prompt recovery to the injured,” reads the statement.

Wildfires in northern Algeria have killed at least 34 people, including 10 soldiers, according to the Monday update by the Algerian Interior Ministry

King Mohammed has in many speeches reiterated Morocco’s stand in favor of an integrated Maghreb region and the opening of borders with Algeria.

In 2021, Morocco offered Algeria help to extinguish similar blazes that ravaged the country leaving human and environmental losses.

Algeria, in return, turned a blind eye to Morocco’s help.

Algiers took the unilateral decision to cut ties with Rabat in 2021 followed by the closure of a gas pipeline as well as a ban on all Moroccan aircrafts from its airspace.

While Moroccan King always emphasizes the centuries-old ties of brotherliness and the need for opening a new chapter with Algeria, the Algerian president and the military regime choose to build a new falsified national narrative centered on enmity towards Morocco.

At the heart of Algeria’s hostility to Morocco is the demise of the anachronistic separatist plan in the Sahara territory, where Algeria nurtured the chimera to see a Polisario-led separate state.

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