‘eVisa’: Positive outcome with over 160K applications processed in one year

‘eVisa’: Positive outcome with over 160K applications processed in one year

The launch of the electronic visa, “eVisa”, by Morocco on July 10, 2022 has had a positive impact, making the visa granting procedure much smoother and easier for certain foreign nationals requiring a visa to visit the country, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said.

One year after its launch, the eVisa system has processed more than 160,000 applications, of which almost 150,000 have been issued, the Ministry said in a statement.

The number of applications processed increased exponentially between July 2022 (almost 6,000 applications) and November 2022 (over 15,000 applications). The peak number of applications processed by the eVisa unit was reached in May 2023, with almost 18,000 applications.

This measure has made it possible to support the tourism sector which was badly impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic and to promote Morocco as a destination for tourism and business, noted the Ministry.

Of the 150,000 eVisas issued, 96.6% were for tourism, and 3.4% for business.

In the “Business” category, a large proportion of applicants have top-level and management profiles from large companies in all sectors (engineers, highly technical staff, decision-makers in multinationals, etc.)

Since the launch of “eVisa”, 110 nationalities from every continent have been able to benefit from the electronic visa, thanks to the simplicity of the procedure.

The breakdown of eVisas issued by nationality is as follows: Israel (55%), India (10%), Nigeria (4.44%), Egypt (4.41%), Pakistan (3.5%) and Jordan (2.7%).

Nationals of several countries, including Thailand, Jordan, Israel, India, Azerbaijan, and Guatemala can apply for an e-visa to enter Morocco.

The electronic visa is a single-person authorization allowing entry to and a short stay (30 days maximum) in Moroccan territory. It is valid for a maximum of 180 days from the date of issue.

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