Israel’s Sahara move to usher new wave of support for Morocco’s territorial integrity

Israel’s Sahara move to usher new wave of support for Morocco’s territorial integrity

Morocco has scored a major win in its defense of its territorial integrity with the Israeli outspoken recognition, adding to the vocal support of Washington and other Western capitals.

The Israeli decision was announced in a letter to King Mohammed VI from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who said his country also “considers positively” opening a consulate in Dakhla, just like 28 other countries who have opened diplomatic representations in the southern provinces.

Netanyahu also said the Moroccan Sahara recognition would be reflected in state documents and will be expressed to the UN, International and regional organizations and all states that Israel has ties with.

Speaking to the media, a senior Moroccan government official said the decision was part of a momentum that followed Washington’s recognition in 2020 and the support by 15 European nations, including Spain, of Rabat’s position on the conflict.

The decision would have a beneficial impact on Israeli investments in the Sahara, where Morocco has rolled out an over $7 billion development plan that includes an overhaul of infrastructure from express ways to a major port in Dakhla along with major investments in renewable energies, agriculture, and tourism.

Morocco also hopes the Israeli recognition will reverberate across the West through the powerful Israeli lobbies notably in the Congress.

The Israeli and the US recognition of Morocco’s territorial integrity together with the growing support for Rabat’s autonomy plan are reflective of a growing consciousness of the international community regarding the need to wrap up the artificial conflict over the Sahara.

The decision was welcomed by Sahraoui elected officials representing the population of the southern provinces and by the Moroccan political class at large.

Morocco also made it clear that while the Israeli move is conducive to closer bilateral cooperation ties, Rabat will remain attached to the two-state solution.

A senior government source told Spain’s EFE news agency that Morocco will upgrade its mission in Israel after this recognition.

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