Egypt starts building its first integrated fishing port

Egypt starts building its first integrated fishing port

Egypt has begun the construction of its first integrated fishing port in the city of Rosetta, on the Mediterranean, “Egypt Today” reports.

The project, valued at $19.4 million, will feature a quay whose capacity is 60 fishing boats per hour, and another dedicated to maintenance. The quay will be equipped with a tugboat whose capacity is over 2,000 tons.

The future harbor will generate 5.000 jobs, and will cover an engineering department, customs office, wholesale and retail markets, warehouses, bunkering station, break areas for workers, and various administrative services.

It is also expected to include three factories for ice making, fishing net production, fish processing and freezing as well as workshops for fishing boat maintenance, and storehouses for fishing equipment.

The Egypt’s fishing industry is facing distress due to industrial pollution and climate change. Due to the challenges, the country has turned to fish farming.

The North African country produced two million tons recording a 85 percent self-sufficiency in 2019. Egypt ranks first in Africa and sixth globally in fish farming.

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