Africa-Terrorism: Polisario, Daesh, Wagner, a serious threat to the Sahel region

Africa-Terrorism: Polisario, Daesh, Wagner, a serious threat to the Sahel region

In recent years, the Islamic State Terror Organization, which has forged an alliance with the Polisario separatist group, has increased its influence and presence in Africa, though the scope of this presence varies according to some specific regions of the continent.

The radical organization extended its influence in Africa by exploiting existing conflicts, ethnic and religious tensions and the poor socio-economic conditions prevailing in some regions.

The Jihadist leaders recruit both local and foreign fighters as in the Tindouf camps in Algeria, especially those trained on guerrilla tactics and incite them to carry out terrorist attacks in order to expand the territories under control of the terrorist groups.

The Sahel region is particularly affected by the growing ISIS activity in Africa. Groups affiliated to Daesh, such as the Islamic State in West Africa (ISWAP), continue to carry out attacks on security forces, civilians and military installations in the region. They seek to impose their extremist ideology and disrupt the economic and social activities in the targeted countries.

Other regions in Libya, Nigeria and Somalia have also been affected by Daesh violence, although the specific dynamics and challenges differ from one country to another. Groups affiliated to the Islamic State exploit internal conflicts, institutional weaknesses and political divisions to set foot in territories and carry out terrorist operations.

The fight against Daesh and other terrorist groups in Africa remains a complex challenge that requires greater regional and international cooperation and coordination.

It is worth noting that the actions and activities of ISIS are widely condemned by the international community and that many African countries have taken steps to combat this threat.

Several Polisario terrorists, who had joined Daesh, were recently eliminated in South-West Algeria and the Sahel region. The Polisario terrorist group is supported and financed by the Algerian government. It gets its weapons and military equipment from the Algerian army, the Russian Wagner group and the arms smuggling market in the Sahel region.


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