Morocco is experiencing an exceptional momentum in society’s diversity, pluralism – André Azoulay

Morocco is experiencing an exceptional momentum in society’s diversity, pluralism – André Azoulay

Royal adviser André Azoulay has praised the values of openness prevailing in Morocco, which is experiencing, he said, an exceptional momentum in terms of its society’s diversity and pluralism.

In a lecture he delivered Friday June 9 at the headquarters of the Rabat-based Islamic World Organization for Education, Science and Culture (ICESCO), as part of the “Interviews for the Future” initiative, launched by the ICESCO Strategic Foresight Center, the royal adviser welcomed the “unprecedented opportunity, but so rich in meaning, which was given to him” to speak before ICESCO and share a set of ideas he has developed over his extensive career.

He emphasized the factors necessary for shaping the future and the importance of preserving identity and educating the younger generation on the values of coexistence and acceptance of diversity as sources of strength, drawing on Morocco’s experience in this context.

“By making of the richness of all its diversities the driving force of its social modernity, the Kingdom of Morocco has confirmed and strengthened its temporal and spiritual leadership,” said the Royal Advisor.

He underlined that we currently live in a time when nations are grappling with crises characterized by philosophical and moral decline, as well as personal and societal challenges, noting the diverse manifestations of extremism that have emerged. In this context, he pointed to the Kingdom of Morocco as a success story in the field of coexistence and cultural diversity, emphasizing the country’s flexibility and openness.

“What country other than my country, Morocco, could have embodied as we do together this morning, this lucid, determined and uninhibited message of what diversity, citizenship and pluralism can be and can say in the land of Islam,” emphasized Mr. André Azoulay.

He stressed further that pluralism and diversity are essential for achieving social modernity, highlighting Morocco’s commitment to promoting a dynamic approach that embraces all races, religions, and civilizations.

“This is neither an exercise in protocol nor a passing comment,” he said, highlighting the exceptional aggiornamento that Morocco is undergoing, which confirms the pioneering and visionary nature of the strategic choices and reforms implemented by King Mohammed VI, reforms that have consecrated Morocco’s exemplarity within a Community of Nations in search of benchmarks, and which has now taken the right measure of this Moroccan reality that has imposed itself on all.

Addressing civilized diplomacy, the Royal Advisor emphasized the emergence of new concepts in recent years, which represent an evolution of traditional diplomacy, as a response to the world’s ongoing crises and tragedies, and underscored the importance of education in effectively addressing economic and social challenges.

For his part, ICESCO Director General Salim Al Malik noted that the conference aims to promote ideas with transformative potential to shape our common future.

“Through engaging conversations and profound exchanges, we navigate a realm teeming with boundless possibilities, unveiling audacious concepts that possess the capacity to redefine the world that awaits us,” Salim Al Malik emphasized.

The purpose, he added, shall be “to delve into subjects that hold paramount significance, in an era defined by relentless change, marked by shifting economic paradigms, complex societal challenges, and above all unprecedented advancements in technology.”

Through this conference, “we shall venture beyond the confines of conventional wisdom, harnessing the power of collective intellect to unearth profound insights that shall illuminate our path toward brighter futures,” the ICESCO chief said.


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