Rwanda: Paul Kagame conducts major overhaul of army

Rwanda: Paul Kagame conducts major overhaul of army

Rwandan President Paul Kagame has dismissed over 100 army senior commanders and terminated the contracts of 112 others, in a major overhaul of the army.

The army, which announced the decision in a statement Wednesday, said 14 other top commanders, including Major General Aloys Muganga and Brigadier General Francis Mutiganda, have been also fired.

The army did not provide reasons for the decisions. However, they came following other moves by the Rwandan longtime leader who dismissed several other commanders in the army and the intelligence.

A law of July 30, 2015 on the status of the Rwandan army stipulates that a member of the Rwandan armed forces may be dismissed “for serious misconduct”, and that “serious misconduct leading to dismissal must be approved by the competent authority.”

A presidential decree issued in February 2020 indicates that the Defense Minister, when he deems it necessary, terminates “the service contract concluded with a member of the armed forces”.

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