French Les Républicains Party clearly recognizes Morocco’s sovereignty over its Sahara, party members say

French Les Républicains Party clearly recognizes Morocco’s sovereignty over its Sahara, party members say

The president of the French party Les Républicains (LR), Eric Ciotti, and Rachida Dati, member of the party and emblematic figure of the French right, expressed the clear position of their formation recognizing the sovereignty of Morocco over its Sahara.

In an interview with “Tel Quel” weekly magazine, the members of the French liberal-conservative political party stressed that their party “adheres to the autonomy solution” proposed by the Kingdom.

“My position is very clear (…) I recognize this sovereignty,” said Eric Ciotti, who was on a visit to Morocco at the head of a delegation of his party. He recalled that he expressed very clearly support to the Moroccan sovereignty over the Sahara, several years ago, especially in the process of appointing the LR candidate in the 2017 presidential election where he competed.

He said he also expressed this position “very clearly” in a tweet last March.

Referring to the Moroccan autonomy initiative, Ciotti noted that this solution marks the willingness of the Moroccans to find a form of compromise acceptable to all. The initiative is all the more commendable because what has been accomplished in the Sahara region is quite remarkable, he said.

“What the Moroccan authorities have accomplished is a success,” he said, noting that the political party he chairs adheres to this autonomy solution proposed by Morocco and which is recognized today by major democracies.

He also stressed that “the gesture expected from France by the Moroccan authorities must happen,” saying that the LR party, which is currently in the opposition, can carry this debate and go in this direction.

Asked about the official recognition of Moroccan sovereignty over the Sahara if his political party comes to power in 2027, Ciotti said that “we are not on a commitment or a promise. It is a constant position that we have always had ».

In the same interview, Dati, who is part of the delegation accompanying Ciotti, said that “there is no doubt about the sovereignty and Moroccanness of the Moroccan Sahara.” “Historically, France has been one of the first countries to recognize this Moroccanness and to always support the proposals of His Majesty the King,” she said.

“There has never been any doubt in our political group about the support of this position which is obvious,” she insisted. “Today, it seems that this evidence is being questioned, but the evidence must be confirmed. It is not questioned, it is not questionable,” she said.

The president of the LR party held talks with leaders of several Moroccan political parties, including the National Rally of Independents (RNI), and the Istiqlal Party.

In statements to the press, he urged his country’s government to fix the “mistakes” that have led to a notable deterioration in bilateral relations between Morocco and France.

“Today we must ensure that mistakes made and the lack of consideration shown towards Morocco are fixed,” Ciotti told the press.

Ciotti stressed Morocco’s importance as a key ally to the EU.

“We need Morocco, Europe needs Morocco. Europe cannot send such unfriendly messages to Morocco, we need this strong link so powerful between Morocco, the European Union and France,” the French politician stressed.

He called for restoring the strength of the ties of friendship that rest on a shared history between France and Morocco.

“This is another opportunity for me to reiterate the strength of the bonds of friendship based on a shared history between France and Morocco,” said Ciotti, calling to restore the power of these ties, “which are now (…) put somewhat in trouble”, so that they regain “the quality they should never have lost.»

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