Gabon: Will Ali Bongo seek a third term in office?

Gabon: Will Ali Bongo seek a third term in office?

Gabon’s President Ali Bongo has vowed to continue leading the central African country with a view to “finishing the job”, few months ahead of the presidential elections scheduled for August.

The 64-year old man has not officially indicated plans to run for a third term but many believe he will do so.
“I felt a lot of energy and a lot of hope, because the feeling that Gabon is going in the right direction is very widely shared. But we must go faster and further. This is the mission you have asked me to fulfill. As long as the work is not completed, I will continue,” the President said during visit at a local market in the town of Ntoum.

Ali Bongo embarked on national tour of the country on Thursday, which took him also to Kango.

Bongo’s party, the Parti démocratique gabonais (PDG) is expected to make him candidate for the polls. Ali Bongo came to power in 2009 in the wake of the death of his father Omar Bongo.

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