Sahara: Peru’s lawmakers set up support group for Morocco’s Autonomy Plan

Sahara: Peru’s lawmakers set up support group for Morocco’s Autonomy Plan

A support group for Morocco’s autonomy plan in the Sahara has been set up at the Peruvian Parliament, showing the firm backing of the lawmakers of this South American country to Morocco’s
territorial integrity and sovereignty over its Saharan provinces.

Members of this group affirm that the autonomy plan is the only solution to the Sahara regional dispute. They pledged to defend the credible and realistic autonomy offered by Morocco for the Sahara under its autonomy.

The creation of this group was announced during the 2nd meeting of Peru-Morocco Parliamentary Friendship Group convened last Tuesday inside the Peruvian Congress.

The support group includes Ernesto Bustamante Donayre, chairman of Peru-Morocco Parliamentary Friendship Group, Maricarmen Alva Prieto, Head of Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee, Jose Cueto Aservi, Head of Parliament Intelligence Committee and several other influential Peruvian MPs.

Commenting the creation of this support group, Mr. Bustamante said the Peruvian Congress supports the autonomy plan and Morocco’s sovereignty over its entire Sahara territory. He also called on the Peruvian government to reconsider its wrong decision of restoring ties with Polisario separatist group.

For her part, Alva Prieto stressed the need to reverse the Peruvian government’s decision undermining the territorial integrity of a friendly country.

Mr. Jose Cueto Aservi called for strengthening further relations between the two countries and benefiting from Morocco’s experience in security governance, renewable energy, agriculture, industry…

Other MPs called on the Peruvian government to recognize the Moroccan proposal as the only solution to the regional dispute over the Moroccan Sahara.

Moroccan Ambassador to Peru Amin Chaoudri said the autonomy plan was proposed by Morocco in 2007 to end the political stalemate over the Sahara issue, affirming the Moroccan plan, which is described as “serious & credible” by the UN, is the only realistic and pragmatic political solution to this regional dispute.


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