Gabon launches national population census

Gabon launches national population census

Gabon has launched a national census of the population with the aim of targeting state interventions, Minister of Economy Nicole Jeannine Lydie Roboty-Mbou has announced.

The central African country counts 2.2 million according to the latest census conducted 10 years ago.

The campaign, conducted by the Commission Nationale de Recensement [National Census Commission] (CNR), will involve three phases namely census mapping, population enumeration and the data control, consistency and dissemination phase.

The various stages will enable the collection in all the localities of data on the demographic, socio-economic and cultural characteristics of the population, as well as data on the characteristics of the dwellings and the living conditions of the households. Some 5,000 personnel are mobilized for the census.

At the end of the process, the government will acquire relevant indicators relating to sustainable human development and household living conditions and grasp the main characteristics relating to housing and in particular the demand for housing.
“People need to know that the Census aims to be able to better control, if not engage, our public policies,” the economy minister said.

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