Opposition group asks Algeria to stay away from Tunisian domestic affairs

Opposition group asks Algeria to stay away from Tunisian domestic affairs

The Tunisian Salvation Front asked Algeria to abstain from meddling in Tunisia’s domestic politics following remarks by the Algerian president who spoke about an Algerian role in “averting Tunisian collapse” or mediating between Tunisian political players.

Under a President that sent Tunisia back to authoritarianism, Tunisia faces real prospects of economic collapse amid high inflation, shortages of basic goods, and stalling talks for a lifeline credit of $1.9 billion with the IMF.

Head of the Salvation Front Najib Chabi said Tunisia would not accept meddling in its domestic affairs neither by brothers nor friends.

He made the statement at a protest against the arrests by critics to President Kais Saied who sent scores of opponents to jail under bogus charges, following the example of Algeria where dissent is assimilated to undermining state security.

Voices within Tunisia have warned of the risk of being vasal state of Algeria which put pressure on Kais Saied to align with the foreign policy stands of his largest western neighbor.

As Tunisia’s financial sovereignty erodes, so does its foreign policy, which is now perceived more than ever as a vassal state of neighboring Algeria.

Now Tunisia is mimicking Alegria’s self-engrossed foreign policy including on the Sahara issue, after Kais Saied offered a state welcome to Polisario separatist leader Brahim Ghali last summer.

Tunis is now sidelining on an irrational Algerian military regime serving a hegemonic agenda that has only simmered instability in the region.

Kais Saied was among the three African leaders who attended a military parade showcasing the soviet-era weaponry of the Algerian army on the 60th anniversary of the independence of the country.

Algerian politicians are now condescending calling Tunisia “the little sister” or even worse “an Algerian province” to borrow the words of former PM Houari Tighersi, whose comment triggered the wrath of Tunisian patriots.

Algeria has even meddled in Tunisia’s internal affairs openly and publicly when President Tebboune said in a presser with an Italian peer that he wants to “democratize” Tunisia!

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