EU, UN, African Union call on Libyan Authorities to end migrants’ abuse

EU, UN, African Union call on Libyan Authorities to end migrants’ abuse

The European Union, the African Union and the United Nations have called on the Libyan authorities to end arbitrary detention of migrants and refugees, starting with the women and children as well as other individuals with specific needs or disabilities.

In a joint press release issued following their meeting held Monday in Brussels, the tripartite taskforce voiced readiness to help Libyan authorities ensure practical alternatives such as release into the community or accommodation in Migrant Response Centers (MRCs), where they can receive psychosocial support and health assistance.

The taskforce members called for setting up non-discriminatory legal and policy frameworks for migrants and refugees, based on international and African Union standards and human rights, with the aim of protecting and saving lives along the migratory routes and particularly in Libya.

The EU-AU-UN taskforce called on the international community to support the Libyan authorities to combat human trafficking and smuggling of migrants, notably by facilitating effective prosecution efforts and prevent the risks of re-trafficking and disappearance.

The tripartite taskforce on the situation of migrants & refugees in Libya also agreed to support awareness raising on the dangers of the journeys along the migratory routes and to seek durable solutions for migrants and refugees.

The Taskforce pledged to support the Libyan Government’s efforts to ensure improved migration governance and border management whilst fostering full respect for the human rights of refugees and migrants and access to protection. They further called on the Libyan authorities to issue documentation for labor migrants in the country and recognise documentation provided to refugees, pending the establishment of a comprehensive national migration management system.

The taskforce members expressed support to voluntary humanitarian returns of migrants & refugees to their homeland and called for their exoneration from administrative exit fees.

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