Watermelon: Morocco becomes 2nd supplier of the EU

Watermelon: Morocco becomes 2nd supplier of the EU

Morocco’s watermelon exports to the European market reached 271 million kg in 2022. The North African Kingdom becomes thus the second supplier of the EU advancing Italy, which remains the top exporter of this product.

According to latest data released by Eurostat, the exports of Moroccan watermelon to the EU amounted this year to over €195 million (0.72 €/kg).

Spain continues to take the lead with sales reaching €418 million in 2022, while Italy drops to the third place with exports worth €131 million.

During the past four years, Morocco increased by 81.7 pc its sales of watermelons to EU member countries after a substantial decrease in the exports of Spain and Italy.
Greece is currently the fourth EU supplier of watermelon. In 2022, it exported 136 million kg (€49.6 Mln) followed by the Netherlands which sold over 90.1 million kg to European market, earning €96.1 million.

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