US Congress members reaffirm support for Morocco’s Sahara stance

US Congress members reaffirm support for Morocco’s Sahara stance

A delegation of US Congressmen highlighted the longstanding partnership between their country and Morocco and reiterated Washington’s support for Morocco’s position on the Sahara conflict.

Speaking following talks with Moroccan foreign minister Nasser Bourita, New York representative Adriano Espaillat of the Democratic party underscored Morocco’s leadership in the region, noting that the US will continue to support Morocco’s territorial integrity.

“Friendship is not just in good times. It also means standing next to your partner during difficult times, especially when we share the same values. We see that we share similar values with Morocco and we will be taking back the message to the house of representatives that we must stand with Morocco on the Sahara issue,” Espaillat told reporters.

“We recognize your leadership in the region,” he said, adding “we want to applaud the measure you are taking to advance the country, families, and investment in infrastructure and the economy…when we invest in families we invest in the future.”

The delegation also included Texas representative Sylvia Garcia who spoke of shared values and visions with Morocco and stressed the need to further develop the Moroccan-American partnership.

Speaking on the same occasion, California representative Salud Carbajal mentioned Morocco’s role in supporting global efforts against climate change. Morocco has undertaken reforms that enabled it to foster “its stability, resilience and leadership in the region,” the California representative said.

He said the US and Morocco need to further bolster cooperation in the economic, military and security areas.

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