London-listed Chariot completes FEED, seeks EPC proposals for Anchois gas project in Morocco

London-listed Chariot completes FEED, seeks EPC proposals for Anchois gas project in Morocco

London-listed Chariot, an Africa-focused transitional energy company, has completed the Front-End Engineering and Design (FEED) on the key components of its flagship Anchois gas development project offshore Morocco and has alled for Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) commercial proposals.

Chariot began the FEED for the Anchois development in June 2022, after raising $25.5 million, the company said in a statement.

In addition to the FEED, other technical work has been in progress, including conducting onshore and offshore environmental baseline surveys, as part of the Environmental, Social Impact Assessment (ESIA), developing the drilling planning, and finalizing the field development plan, the statement said, adding that the company has now called for EPC commercial proposals.

Adonis Pouroulis, CEO, Chariot, said: “We have made excellent progress across all aspects of our planned development for Anchois and detailed discussions on partnering, gas sales agreements and project finance continue concurrently as we move towards final investment decision.”

The conclusion of the FEED stage, largely performed by the Subsea Integration Alliance, is an important step in defining the initial development plan to deliver gas to the company’s anchor customers.

“In conjunction with the field development plan and environmental and social impact assessment work completed to date, we have further cemented the viability and commercial potential of the development, founded upon its excellent reservoir and gas properties,” Pouroulis stated.

The Anchois gas development project is a portion of Chariot’s objective to enhance the African energy market for mining operations by generating and supplying cleaner, sustainable, and more reliable power.

The project covers a region of more than 2,300 square kilometers in a water depth varying from the coastline to 850 meters and falls under the Lixus Offshore drilling license, in which Chariot holds a 75 percent interest and operatorship. State-owned Hydrocarbons and Mines Office (ONHYM) holds the remaining 25 percent interest.


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