Amira Bouraoui’s case reveals cracks in Algeria-France relations

Amira Bouraoui’s case reveals cracks in Algeria-France relations

The case of Algerian anti-regime activist Amira Bouraoui has revealed the shaky foundations of the newly found Algiers-Paris ties and showed the fragility of Tunisia’s authoritarian regime which has become a satellite state of the military regime in Algiers.

Bouraoui fled to Tunisia seeking to regain France but she was arrested at an airport and stood before a judge who acquitted her of any wrongdoing. But Algerian secret police tried to kidnap her in Tunisia, had it not been for a direct intervention of French consular services who offered her protection, citing her dual French nationality, sparing her persecution at the hands of the military regime.

Tunisian media speak of pressure on Kais Said in person by France to let Bouraoui travel to France.

Algeria responded hysterically as usual recalling its ambassador and using its official state news agency to issue threats of an upcoming severance of ties with France.

This new chapter shows the failure of Macron’s policy of rapprochement with a brutal military regime that has turned Algeria into a large prison for journalists and peaceful dissidents.

While focusing so much on mending the past, Macron and his advisors undermined the present and the future of French diplomacy by taking hostile stands towards Morocco.

Macron also failed to listen to experts and foreign French diplomats including ex-ambassador to Algiers Xavier Driencourt who warned of an impending social and economic collapse of Algeria that will drag France on its way.

Meanwhile, Tunisia is about to lose its financial sovereignty as it heads to default, a situation that Algeria used to vassalize its neighbor. Tunis is now the cemetery of Algerian opposition figures.

Yet, Tunis also needs the west and its cooperation with France to let Bouaroui out triggered reprisals from Algiers. Social media abound with videos showing mistreatment of Tunisians at the border with Algeria.

Algeria’s puppet President Tebboune and the country’s kingmaker general Chengriha together have only Tunisia under their full mercy as their ties with their immediate neighbors as well as its key European trading partners worsen.

France should understand that friendship with the military regime in Algiers comes at a heavy cost. The first of which is to turn a blind eye to the repression in Algeria as well as to comply with Algiers hegemonic agenda to the detriment of regional peace and stability.


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