Senegal launches 120MW power plant

Senegal launches 120MW power plant

The President of Senegal Macky Sall inaugurated Saturday a power plant with a 120 Mega Watt output expected to provide energy to 500,000 households in and around the city of Thies, located West of the African country.

The plant build in the town of Malicounda is a public and private partnership. The shareholders include state-run Senelec which owns 15 per cent of shares.

The infrastructure cost $164.3 million and was largely funded by the African Development Bank (AfDB).

The plant, Sall said in an address, will contribute to “reduce the cost of electricity and strengthen the energy sovereignty” of the country.

The new infrastructure is the second power plan in the town aside from a 20 Mega Watt solar farm previously inaugurated by the Senegal leader.

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