World Bank allocates additional $200 million to support education in Morocco

World Bank allocates additional $200 million to support education in Morocco

The World Bank announced that it has allocated additional financing of $200 million to the Education Support Program in Morocco, bringing the total project value to $700 million.

In a recent document, the World Bank spoke of additional financing aimed at restructuring the results of the main indicators, in addition to extending the program from September 1, 2024 to June 30, 2026.

The funding seeks to implement a more challenging reform that supports monitoring and evaluation of results, and the promotion of evidence-based policy-making, the bank said, noting that the reform will allow greater focus on teacher qualifications, measuring the quality of early childhood education services, and adopting flexibility in Education system and its governance.

“Morocco has achieved great social and economic progress over the past two decades thanks to political stability… However, despite these achievements, the growing aspirations of Moroccans, especially young people, remain unfulfilled,” the international financial institution said.

“The proposed restructuring does not affect the development goals of the project, but the changes to the original program fall within the limits and results of the government program.”

The World Bank has previously allocated a financial envelope of $500 million to finance the support program for the education sector in Morocco, which was launched in October 2019.

The program, which focuses on supporting improved educational outcomes will benefit from IFC financing in the form of a Results-Based Program Loan, with loan payments made conditional on achieving results.

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