When the European Parliament shows disrespect for Morocco’s judiciary

When the European Parliament shows disrespect for Morocco’s judiciary

The same parliament that is outcrying at foreign interference is itself interfering in the judiciary of an European Union neighbor, Morocco, by issuing a non-binding resolution that shows contempt for Moroccan courts to say the least.

The European Parliament has on Wednesday adopted a biased resolution that disrespects Morocco’s judiciary and its independence while meddling in the domestic affairs of a sovereign nation that has a “strategic partnership” with the EU.

Instigated by circles hostile to Morocco and its vital issues, the resolution turned a blind eye to the rights of the victims of rape by two indicted journalists serving their jail sentences in Morocco, namely Omar Radi and Taoufiq Bouachrine.

The penholders of the resolution and those who voted for it were intent on stripping the case of its criminal character as a rape case by sticking to it the “sexy” label of freedom of expression, insinuating that reporters are insulated from sexual harassment.

Morocco’s foreign minister Nasser Bourita has previously warned of the “judicial harassment” and the maneuvers of some parties within the parliament that aim at undermining its partnership with the EU.

The European Parliament had better focus on resolving its own fading legitimacy as evidenced by a drop in election turnouts.

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