Egypt: Bladed weapons, narcotics seized at Cairo airport

Egypt: Bladed weapons, narcotics seized at Cairo airport

Egyptian customs at Cairo airport arrested Thursday a passenger coming from Germany who attempted to smuggle in bladed weapons and narcotics, Arab News reports.

Customs officers said the passenger, who arrived on an EgyptAir flight from Frankfurt, appeared confused while trying to exit the customs area.

The man, who has not been named, also had in his bags a number of electronic cigarettes filled with cannabis oil, and a plastic package labelled “human gear” containing 174 tablets of anaesthetic labeled “OC 80.”

The customs also discovered a white plastic package marked “Centrum Men”, 46 narcotic pills, a number of weapons with sharp metal blades hidden inside clothing and shoes.

Several rolled cigarettes containing a brown substance suspected to be cannabis were also found.

In a separate report, airport customs halted an attempt by an Egyptian woman passenger to smuggle in 48 kg of natural hair hidden in her luggage, the Saudi media notes.
Customs officials said that the woman, who had traveled from Dubai, planned to sell the hair to beauty centers and hairdressers.

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