Senegal launches probe into disappearance of two soldiers

Senegal launches probe into disappearance of two soldiers

Senegal Tuesday announced investigations into the disappearance of two soldiers who have gone missing since Saturday.

“The Public Prosecutor’s Office of the High Court of Dakar, in application of the provisions of Article 11 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, which allows the Public Prosecutor to make public objective elements from ongoing proceedings, wishes to inform the public of the opening of a judicial investigation entrusted to the Gendarmerie Nationale’s Prefectural Brigade following the disappearance of Chief Warrant Officer Didier Badji, who was on duty at the General State Inspection, and Sergeant Fulbert Sambou of the Military Intelligence Directorate,” the office of the Public Prosecutor said.

The soldiers were reported missing on Saturday, Faapa news agency reports. A geo-tracking of their phones led searches consecutively to rocky cliffs of Cape Manuel where they found a stretched fishing net, remains of shrimp bait and shoes belonging to the missing soldiers.

“The criminal brigade which was immediately transported on the scene proceeded to the usual observations in order to elucidate the precise circumstances of these disappearances,” the office added.

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