Morocco, Djibouti to bolster cooperation in merchant marine

Morocco, Djibouti to bolster cooperation in merchant marine

Morocco and Djibouti signed, Monday in Rabat, a cooperation agreement aimed at developing maritime relations between the two countries and at ensuring better coordination of bilateral maritime traffic and related maritime transport.

Under the agreement, the two parties undertake to cooperate for the development of merchant marine between their respective ports and encourage shipping companies to undertake the necessary measures to provide efficient maritime services to serve the interests of shipping companies and carriers, and to build partnerships for an effective contribution to maritime trade.

Djiboutian Minister of Infrastructure and Equipment, Hassan Houmed, who initialed the agreement on behalf of his country, said the deal will offer operators of maritime transport the opportunity to install, on the territory of the other party, branches and companies to carry out their activities, while offering them facilities.

It also provides for an exchange of information on all maritime affairs, including vocational training of workers in the merchant marine, ports and maritime administrations, he said, noting that this will create a dynamic and consolidate the good relations of cooperation between Morocco and Djibouti.

The agreement was inked on behalf of Morocco by Minister of Transport and Logistics, Mohamed Abdeljalil.


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