Russia-Algeria military maneuvers arouse concern in Brussels

Russia-Algeria military maneuvers arouse concern in Brussels

Several Members of the European Parliament from the European People’s Party have expressed concern over the joint military maneuvers conducted by Russia and Algeria in the Mediterranean.

The MEPs deem this collaboration “extremely worrying not only for peace and security, but also for the interests of the West and the European Union.”

The European People’s Party members expressed their concern in a written question to the European Commission, according to the Spanish website servimedia, which published an article entitled “the joint military maneuvers between Russia and Algeria are triggering concern in Brussels.”

The joint naval maneuvers between the Russian and Algerian armies were carried out with warships in the Mediterranean, stated Servimedia, specifying that other maneuvers of the Algerian army with the Russian army are planned in Bechar, in Southwestern Algeria.

This military collaboration, intervening in a context of increased insecurity in the Sahel-Sahara regions, “is extremely worrying” for the European Union, the MEPs said in their question.

Some MEPs even urged the European Commission, “in the framework of the EU-Algeria Association Agreement, to summon the Algerian ambassador to the EU for consultations over the very serious and worrying joint military maneuvers.”

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