Russia approves nuclear cooperation agreement with Morocco

Russia approves nuclear cooperation agreement with Morocco

The government of the Russian Federation has just approved a cooperation agreement between Moscow and Rabat in the field of the use of atomic energy for peaceful purposes.

The ordinance enacting this decision was signed by Russian Prime Minister, Mikhail Michoustine, on Wednesday, reported the Russian news agency Tass.

The agreement, providing for cooperation between the two countries in at least 14 areas, was negotiated, on the Russian side, by the state company Rosatom and coordinated with the Russian Foreign Ministry, as well as other authorities and previously agreed with the Moroccan side.

Under the agreement, Russia will assist Morocco in the creation and improvement of nuclear energy infrastructure, the design and construction of nuclear reactors, as well as water desalination plants and elementary particle accelerators.
Russia will also provide Morocco with services in the field of the fuel cycle, spent and radioactive nuclear fuel and waste management.

It also involves providing Morocco with services in the field of the fuel cycle operations, treatment and management of radioactive nuclear fuel and waste.

Besides, Russia will help Morocco in the exploration and development of uranium deposits and the study of the country’s mineral resource base, the training of personnel of nuclear power plants, as well as the training and the retraining of staff of the public body responsible for regulating nuclear and radiological safety, the National Center for Nuclear Energy, Science and Technology (CNESTEN).

The development of nuclear energy and technology in Morocco has been a priority for some time now, as the Kingdom attempts to diversify its energy sources, to ensure the immunity of supply from international fluctuations.

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