UN-Sahara: Elected Sahrawis & NGOs support Autonomy Plan & slam Polisario over abuses in Tindouf camps

UN-Sahara: Elected Sahrawis & NGOs support Autonomy Plan & slam Polisario over abuses in Tindouf camps

Several elected Moroccan Sahrawis, representatives of NGOs and diplomats have voiced strong support for the autonomy plan offered for the Sahara under Morocco’s sovereignty, and hailed the democracy and inclusive development achieved in the Sahara.

During the debate of the UN fourth Committee, the speakers have also exposed the serious human rights abuses committed by the Polisario militia in Tindouf camps, Southern Algeria, against children and women, deploring the deteriorating living conditions in these camps.

Addressing the Committee, MP Ahmed El-Alems, who was elected in Morocco’s most recent legislative elections, said: “We are the ones who are elected to observe and administer the Sahara and protect its resources and its people in a just project to develop democracy in the Territory without the exclusion of any social group”.

The recognition of Moroccan sovereignty over its entire Sahara by the United States, African, Arab, Asian and European countries, including Spain, Germany and the Netherlands, shows international recognition of the Moroccanness of the territory.

For her part, Mrs. Mbarka El Ahmadi, who has been elected member of Boujdour regional council in a democratic vote, said women’s rights in the southern provinces are protected.

She also affirmed that international conventions on women’s rights, labor, social justice and sustainable development are implemented in the region. Furthermore, the Constitution enables women’s access to decision-making, and has opened the doors for women in the provinces in the south to participate in political life, she said.

Moulay Brahim Chrif, Head of the municipal council of Smara, said that he is speaking on behalf of thousands of Sahrawis who elected him in a free and transparent election.

The Saharan city of Smara is a cultural capital in the Moroccan desert, he said, noting that his council works in cooperation with other specialized committees and elected municipal councils to implement a comprehensive development framework.

After highlighting the major infrastructures, including roads, hospitals, schools, sanitation networks… built in his city, he said that the inhabitants of the Sahara actively participate in political processes and support the autonomy plan proposed by Morocco for lasting peace to the Sahara regional conflict.

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