Morocco: Ten licenses awarded for medical, industrial & cosmetic use of cannabis

Morocco: Ten licenses awarded for medical, industrial & cosmetic use of cannabis

Ten licenses have been issued in Morocco for the processing, marketing and exporting of cannabis and its by-products destined for medical, cosmetic and industrial use.

The announcement was made Tuesday by the National agency for the regulation of activities relating to Cannabis (ANRAC) in accordance with the Law legalizing the use of this plant for therapeutic and industrial purposes.

The provinces of Al Hoceima, Chefchaouen and Taounate have been chosen by the Moroccan authorities for the legal growing and production of cannabis within the framework of agricultural cooperatives.

In a press release, ANRAC says it is exploring all opportunities of the cannabis market and endeavoring to promote the conversion of farmers from illicit cultivation to a legal, sustainable and income-generating activity.

Morocco has legalized medical cannabis to improve the living conditions of the growers of this plant and protect them from drug trafficking networks.

The studies showed that the North African Kingdom has great potentialities which can attract important investments for the industrialization of cannabis and access to the global markets of these products.

Several countries including, UK, Canada, Netherlands… and 23 of 50 states in America have permitted, under some guidelines, the use of cannabis for medicinal purposes.

The global cannabis market is projected to increase to over $90 billion by 2026, according to forecasts of industry experts.


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