Nigeria, Morocco sign MoU to boost biotechnology sector

Nigeria, Morocco sign MoU to boost biotechnology sector

Nigeria and Morocco have signed a memorandum of understanding to boost the biotechnology sector.

The MOU was signed in Abuja by the Nigerian Agency for Biotechnology Development (NABDA) and by RAHAD Industries, the Nigerian subsidiary of the Moroccan company RVD Equipment Industries, and Mesencell Biotechnology.

Speaking on this occasion, NABDA Director General Abdullahi Mustapha said the MOU marks the beginning of a new chapter in the field of scientific biotechnology in Nigeria.

Mustapha said NABDA is an agency that uses biotechnology to promote development in the country, noting that RAHAD is a company that involves biotechnology, research and development.

“More than a year ago, we had signed the memorandum of understanding through the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation with the said companies,” he recalled, adding that “the MoU is about the development of technologies that they have already brought to the country”.

“Part of the agreement is to domesticate the technology here in Nigeria so that we have first-hand expertise,” he said, noting that “scientists and researchers will be properly trained in the use of these technologies in the country”.

For his part, Chbihi Drias, managing director of RAHAD Global Investment Limited, said that a subsidiary of his group has developed four important technologies for Nigeria.

Drias said the technologies include biotechnology for tank farm cleaning and soil bioreactor against pollution.

“Others are biotech fertilizers to reduce the use of chemicals and increase cultivable land for self-sufficiency in consumables and fertilizer products,” he explained.

“Other technologies include wastewater treatment to provide high quality drinking water and avoid wastewater-borne diseases that cause pollution, namely regenerative medicine, immunotherapy and vaccines for Nigeria and West Africa,” he noted.

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