Illegal Migration: MEPs stand with Morocco against human trafficking mafias

Illegal Migration: MEPs stand with Morocco against human trafficking mafias

Several members of the European Parliament have voiced support to Morocco’s humane management of illegal migration, describing the North African Kingdom as a reliable and strategic partner in the fight against human smuggling and trafficking.

Commenting the latest violent mass crossing attempt by illegal sub-Saharan migrants from Northern Moroccan region of Nador into Spanish enclave of Melilla, MEP Ilhan Kyuchyuk (Renew Europe Group) said: “Morocco’s humane migration policy in Africa should be supported”.

“We need to strengthen Morocco as the main strategic and reliable partner of the EU for fighting trafficking, mafias and controlling irregular migration”, stressed the European lawmaker in his twitter account.

Last weekend, some 2000 migrants stormed border between Nador and Melilla assaulting security forces using sticks and stones as well as acid and knives, in the most violent crossings ever reported in northern Morocco.

For MEP Tomáš Zdechovský, “the massive jump of 2000 sub-Saharan migrants is another proof that Morocco is a credible EU partner which also suffers from migratory pressure”.

For his part, Mr. Petar Vitanov, member of the European Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats, said ”Morocco remains a strategic partner for the EU”, affirming that “the main culprits for the tragedy that occurred in Mellila and the regrettable loss of human life there are the international mafias, which organize these violent attacks”.

Spanish PM Pedro Sánchez has defended the way Moroccan and Spanish police repelled the incursion attempt of illegal migrants who were armed with axes and hooks.

He blamed the tragedy on “international human trafficking rings and mafia groups”, while Spanish Foreign minister José Manuel Albares said that “without Morocco’s collaboration, it would be impossible to control illegal migration flows”.

In a commentary on the events, Italian news website “Ajo Noas” pointed out that Morocco has shown an “unwavering commitment” to migration and the fight against human trafficking networks, thus contributing through concrete actions and relevant strategies to the security of the region.

“The Kingdom assumes its responsibilities in migration management and fully supports South-South cooperation, while placing the human element at the heart of its concerns,” the Italian newspaper says, highlighting the efforts made at the legislative, legal and social levels by Morocco to support, regularize and facilitate the integration of migrants.

For the news site, ”Europe and immigration exporting countries are called upon to collaborate and support Moroccan action to protect its borders and curb illegal migrants.” ‘Multilateralism remains the only possible solution to deal with the large influx of migrants.”

The news outlet also underlined that “the Moroccan-Algerian border is difficult to control because of the presence of human trafficking mafias, supported by parties who want to exploit and politicize these dramas.”

The attempt against the metal fence in the province of Nador, carried out with “unprecedented violence by mafia networks, is not innocent,” the Italian newspaper comments, adding that “external actors are trying to harm Moroccan-Spanish relations, which have recently experienced a dynamism and positive development.

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