Spanish PM lauds Morocco’s efforts to curb illegal migration

Spanish PM lauds Morocco’s efforts to curb illegal migration

Spain’s Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez lauded the efforts made by Moroccan and Spanish security forces to stop a violent storming of Melilla fence, a Spanish occupied enclave in Northern Morocco.

Early on Friday June 24, more than 2000 Sub-Saharan migrants marched violently with sticks, acid, bladed weapons and stones attacking Moroccan security forces as they stormed the fence.

Some 130 migrants made it to Melilla, and Morocco’s interior ministry said five died as they pushed through or fell from the fence.
However, local authorities in Nador later on said that the death toll in the assault reached 18 dead, as several people injured during this sad event finally succumbed to their injuries.

Among the 76 candidates for illegal emigration who were injured when forcing through the fence and who were rushed to the hospital services of Nador and Oujda, 13 passed away.

The fence raid was so violent that 140 Moroccan security staff were injured, including five seriously.

Sanchez thanked Morocco for the “exemplary cooperation in fighting illegal migration” paying a tribute to Moroccan and his country’s security officers.

Footage on social media showed Sub-Saharan as they forced their way to the fence, triggering clashes with security forces.

Sanchez expressed “solidarity with security forces from both countries, who have been injured during violent clashes with Sub-Saharan migrants who attempted to illegally cross the fence.”

“On this occasion, I would like to stress the need to maintain good relations with Morocco, a strategic ally for Spain…I recall that Morocco is also facing strong migration pressure from Sub-Saharan countries, notably those in the Sahel region,” said Sanchez.

In the first quarter of 2022 alone, Moroccan authorities stopped 14,746 migrants from crossing illegally to Spain. During the same period, Morocco dismantled 52 migrant trafficking networks. In 2021, Morocco foiled 63,121 migration attempts to Europe and dismantled 256 trafficking networks.


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