Libya: HoR approves Fathi Bashagha-proposed budget

Libya: HoR approves Fathi Bashagha-proposed budget

Libya’s parliament, The House of Representatives (HoR), voted in favor of a budget worth around $18 billion proposed by Fathi Bashagha, the legislature’s choice for the job of Prime Minister.

“The State’s General Budget Law for the year 2022 was unanimously approved,” said HoR Spokesman, Abdulla Beihiq following a session held in Sirte.

103 members – 98 at the headquarters of the session and 5 others via voice recording – approved the budget whose first chapter is related to salaries worth over 41 billion dinars, the second chapter is related to steering and operating expenses worth over 8 billion dinars, the third chapter is for development and reconstruction projects and programs worth over 17 billion dinars, and the fourth chapter is related to subsidies’ expenses worth over 26 billion dinars.

The HoR in February handpicked the former Interior Minister as the country’s interim Prime Minister, at the expense of Abdul Hamid Dbeibah in office since March last year.

The parliament argued that Dbeibah who heads the Government of National Unity (GNU) failed organized the scheduled Dec. 24 elections.

The GNU head has refused to resign and held on to power leaving the country with two rival Prime Ministers.

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