Italy: All-Party Parliamentary Group set up to support Morocco’s Autonomy Plan for Sahara

Italy: All-Party Parliamentary Group set up to support Morocco’s Autonomy Plan for Sahara

An all-party parliamentary group has been launched in Italy to support and promote the autonomy plan offered by Morocco for a lasting, peaceful resolution of the Sahara regional conflict.

The announcement was made Monday by Italian MPs Marco Di Maio and Urania Papatheu in a press release. The cross-party group has been established to back the efforts made by the United Nations to reach a “pragmatic and feasible political solution, based on compromise”, said the MPs, noting that many European countries view the Moroccan autonomy plan as the most serious and credible solution to end this regional dispute.

This plan is supported by the UN Security Council and the international community including several African, Arab, Asian and Latin American countries, added the Italian lawmakers.

Italy welcomes the sustainable efforts made by Morocco to reach a just political solution, as Italian Foreign minister Luigi Di Maio said during his recent visit to Morocco, they recalled, stressing that the Sahara issue prevents the Maghreb from uniting against the common challenges the region is facing in terms of security, terrorism and climate change.

In 2007, Morocco proposed the autonomy plan under its sovereignty as the ONLY viable and realistic solution to the Sahara regional dispute. The plan continues to gain growing international support. After the United States, many African, Arab and Asian countries, Germany, Spain and the Netherlands voiced lately firm backing to the Moroccan autonomy plan describing it as the only serious, credible and realistic solution to the Sahara issue.

This momentum deals hard blows to the polisario separatist group and to its mentor, Algeria.

During the latest African summit and ministerial meeting of the Global Coalition against ISIS, worldwide leaders and experts have warned against the serious threats posed to international peace and stability by the nexus between separatist groups and terror networks.


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