Algeria: Civil Servants go on strike April 26-27 amid deepening socioeconomic crisis

Algeria: Civil Servants go on strike April 26-27 amid deepening socioeconomic crisis

Algerian public servants will go on strike this April 26-27 to protest against worsening social situation, soaring food prices to record levels, and eroding purchasing power due to the ruling junta mismanagement and corruption.

The two-day industrial action has been decided by the confederation of trade unions representing employees of several public administrations.

University teachers, academic researchers, healthcare workers and local authority workers will also join the strike movement.

The trade unionists protest against deteriorating public working conditions and services, saying the social crisis has reached its peak heralding an imminent implosion of the country following the devaluation of the Algerian dinar and skyrocketing inflation.

Algerians suffer from acute shortage of cooking oil, water, milk, pasta and other staple foods, leading to a widespread and growing popular uproar in the country.

According to experts, food shortages are the outcome of a broken socioeconomic model. Algeria’s post-independence social contract was founded on an economic system of stipends that now costs more than the country can afford given its revenues.

Despite the recent rise in oil prices, Algeria is paying the price of its economic choice to buy social peace. The Algerian rulers have so far failed to reduce the country’s reliance on hydrocarbon exports and sustainably reduce macroeconomic imbalances, diversify the economy, and create private sector jobs.

Their strategy is survival and maintaining grip on power, regardless of the immense and ruinous long-term damage that they are inflicting on their country.

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