Canada hiring trained Moroccan nurses to plug staff shortage

Canada hiring trained Moroccan nurses to plug staff shortage

The Quebec Government has launched a recruitment campaign to address urgent and severe nursing shortage due to burnout from overworked nurses amidst the recent surge of Omicron.

The province’s labor immigration minister Jean Boulet has announced a $65 million funding over two years to properly “recruit and integrate” nurses from Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Cameroon and Mauritius.

“This is a winning formula for Quebec and for qualified immigrants who wish to enrich our network to the extent of their skills,” said the minister.

Successful candidates will be required to attend a College of General and Vocational Education (CEGEP) in Quebec for a nine to 12-month refresher course and will receive a $500 weekly stipend during their training.

They will also be allowed to work up to 20 hours per week as nurses’ aides during their training and school breaks.

Spouses of nurses will even be offered an “open work permit”, and assistance will be offered to nurses and their families at “every step” of the immigration process.

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