Algeria: Local NGOs call on authorities to end repression & rights violations

A group of Algerian human rights organizations and militants have called on the Algerian authorities to put an end to the new wave of cracking down and violations of the constitutional rights to freedom of speech, assembly and association.

In their joint statement released lately, they called for the immediate liberation of prisoners of conscience, detained independent journalists and trade unionists, urging the Algerian authorities to stop the prosecution of pro-democracy militants and repeal illegitimate liberticidal laws used to muzzle the vocal critics and popular Hirak protesters.

The year 2022 starts with a surge in oppression targeting academics, journalists, lawyers, civil society representatives. This is a dangerous escalation putting Algeria’s future & unity at high risk and exposing it to international sanctions for failing to honor human rights commitments, say the signatories of the statement.

The signatories include the Algerian League for the Defense of Human Rights (LADDH), “International Riposte”, the Association for Change & Democracy in Algeria, Confédération syndicale des forces productives (COSYFOP), the Youth Rally for Algeria (RJPA), the National Autonomous Union of Public Administration Personnel (SNAPAP), as well as a large number of journalists, lawyers, university professors, politicians and civil society representatives.

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